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Red Dead Redemption 2 player 'blessed' with new open-world event after 500 hours

Red Dead Redemption 2 player 'blessed' with new open-world event after 500 hours

Ready yourselves for a blessing you didn't realise you needed

We don’t deserve the fountain of entertainment that Red Dead Redemption II has bestowed upon us. It’s been five years and we’re still discovering hidden gems within its open-world setting.

One Red Dead Redemption II player in particular has been “blessed” with one of these events after totting up a staggering 500 hours of gameplay. That’s a lot of riding around, so if anyone deserves to find this new discovery, it’s this person.

In honour of Arthur, let's reflect on those epic Red Dead Redemption II wins and fails!

On Thanksgiving, Arthur surprised the gamer in question by breaking out into song while riding his horse. The brief serenade isn’t always clear, thanks to Arthur’s gravelly tones, yet it’s a joy to hear all the same – but how do other players go about triggering this event?

Sadly, it seems like there are no firm answers to this one. Unlike moments when players have peeked into windows and uncovered NSFW encounters, this is an event that doesn’t always happen. The proof is in the fact that the OP has played through the game 11 times and is only now hearing Arthur’s unique voice while on the open road.

That being said, other fans who’ve also been “blessed” have some tips to help you, potentially, unlock this gem of a moment. “I figured out he only does this when you're riding the same speed as OP or slower,” said NASA-Almost-Duck, before adding, “I've only experienced him doing this during nice weather too.”

Another suggested that Arthur is more prone to sing on a ride if he “sung a song at camp during one of the parties”. However, this is a case of trial and error. You may be lucky and get this on your first playthrough, or you might have to wait hundreds of hours down the line. Either way, what you’ll experience is a beautiful moment from a game that has one of the most upsetting scenes.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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