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PlayStation drops Venom gameplay, but it's not what we expected

PlayStation drops Venom gameplay, but it's not what we expected

Interesting choices were made

PlayStation users have been waiting to see Venom in all its glory, but not like this.

Ever since Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 released, fans have been longing to see Venom in its own game.

Such a game isn’t here just yet; however, we’ve finally seen gameplay of the beloved anti-hero in action.

Those who’ve been hoping for the same levels of carnage and detail we saw in Marvel’s Spider-Man sequel are going to be thoroughly disappointed. This isn’t the Venom we know, and we don’t like it.

How we all feeling about the Marvel Rivals trailer?

At PlayStation’s State of Play, Marvel Rivals was revealed.

This PvP shooter will allow players to “assemble an all-star Marvel squad” to face enemies on an ever-changing battlefield.

It sounds exhilarating, with fans posting as much on social media, yet what we saw of Venom felt flat.

Redditor AgentGhostrider said, “I hope they visually clean up the team-up [ability], it did not look great imo.”

Perhaps our grumbles are because Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 spoilt us so much – it gave us the chaotic, violent, and dangerous Venom many of us know from the comics.

To see such a character almost become a caricature of itself in Marvel Rivals stings somewhat.

Nonetheless, while not everyone is satisfied, a firm release date has yet to be announced, and thus changes may still be made.

The closed beta for the title begins in July on PlayStation. However, a launch date is still “coming soon”.

If you want to watch “Venom and Adam Warlock unleash their powers”, you don’t have too long to wait.

For the most part, Marvel fans seem more than happy with the gameplay on display; for us, not so much.

We hope we’re proven wrong, but our initial thoughts turn to previous Venom portrayals and how this PvP seemingly misses the mark.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment, NetEase Games

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