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PlayStation users urged to play 2 free games this Christmas

PlayStation users urged to play 2 free games this Christmas

If you're new to the PlayStation 5 this Christmas, you should really check out Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Astro's Playroom.

If a PlayStation 5 is being unwrapped in your household this Christmas, you’re going to want to pay attention. Whether it’s for your kids, an adult just looking to have some fun, or the entire family, it’s well worth diving into Astro’s Playroom and Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

It can be hard to know where to start if this is your first foray into the world of PlayStation. Christmas is a time I think many of us link to some of our earliest gaming memories. For example, I remember the Christmas my brother received a PlayStation 1 - something I was keen to sample for myself. If that’s you this year and you’re struggling to separate your shooters from your platformers, or your sequels from your prequels, PlayStation users are urging prospective owners to dive into these two delightful modern classics.

Take a look at Sackboy: A Big Adventure in action below.

This is a great shout. Astro’s Playroom and Sackboy: A Big Adventure are both excellent games that appeal to all ages. The suggestion was made on Reddit. User Fast_Papaya_3839 said, “PSA: If you’re buying a PS5 for your kids this Christmas, get Sackboy. It’s the perfect game to play on Christmas eve/morning. This game is pure joy. The graphics, the music, its cuteness and simplicity [...] I promise you a memory that you will cherish for years to come.”

Im-just-a-king added, “On that note, don’t delete Astro’s Playroom. Same sentiment,” while starfishy wrote, “I would actually start with Astro’s Playroom. It’s a joy to play.” I’d second that as it’s true that Astro’s Playroom is completely free. It comes preinstalled on your PlayStation 5 and is definitely the perfect place to start your gaming adventure.

If you decide to join subscription service PlayStation Plus on the extra tier, you’ll also be able to download Sackboy: A Big Adventure at no extra cost - within the price of your subscription that is. The extra tier is definitely the best pick if you want access to a wide array of PlayStation must-plays. Happy gaming.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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