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PlayStation gamers surprised with hit RPG you need to check out

PlayStation gamers surprised with hit RPG you need to check out

The sequel to the game was already on the platform

A popular RPG developed by Square Enix has finally made its way over to PlayStation, years after it was originally released.

Octopath Traveler was first released over five years ago, launching in July 2018 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The title was later ported to PC, the now defunct Google Stadia, Xbox One - and now, it has finally made its way over to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The sequel, Octopath Traveler 2, launched on PlayStation on the day it released, which made it even weirder that the original game wasn't available on the platform, so this is finally rectifying a long-standing omission to the PlayStation library.

"I like this new multiplatform strategy. There's a lot of great RPGs trapped on the Nintendo system that should've been released on PlayStation," one fan said on the official PS5 subreddit, lauding the fact that Sony has finally brought the game to their platform.

Another fan wonders whether this will remain a digital only release, or if we can expect either Sony or developer Square Enix to put the game on a physical disc at some point.

"Wonder if it will get a physical release. Never did get around to picking it up on [Nintendo] Switch. Granted, I dunno if it's gonna be much of a graphical increase for me to get it over Switch. Good for people without a Switch at least," the fan wrote.

Both games are also currently available on Xbox, having shadow dropped at some point yesterday [June 5], and both of those games are available on Xbox Game Pass, so if players prefer to play their games over there then they can grab them for free, assuming they have a currently active subscription to Microsoft's game load service.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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