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PlayStation Plus set to add 3 more free games that ooze nostalgia

PlayStation Plus set to add 3 more free games that ooze nostalgia

Take a walk down memory lane with PlayStation Plus

Whatever your reasons for wanting to return to the memories of your childhood, we all seem to crave nostalgia in a big way. The warm fuzzies of being able to remember that first time we played a certain game and/or got a console will forever be a sensation we rush to chase, and with PlayStation reportedly adding three games that just ooze nostalgia, we could soon be getting those warm feelings for free.

Disney-Pixar Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Thrillville, and Thrillville: Off the Rails have all been given an updated age rating by the Taiwanese Digital Game Self-Regulation Committee, according to Gematsu. As a result, fans are speculating that the titles will soon appear on PlayStation Plus Premium as part of the Classics collection.

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These are titles that a lot of gamers have fond memories of, as Redditor a-m-i-g-o shares, “Remember getting Thrillville on PS2, [I have] a lot of great memories with that game.” They’re but one of many who have been looking back on those heady days of being a budding new gamer, a smile almost tangible through their posts.

“Just seeing the cover of the middle game [Thrillville] brought back so many memories,” said one player, while another was soon to add, “Had a ton of fun with Buzz Lightyear of Star Command growing up.” In between those posts are comments about reviving “a crazy memory”, as well as players hoping to see PlayStation add even more classics to its services soon.

Followers of all the latest Sony news, including that of all its PS services, will know that after it was leaked that Disney-Pixar Up was going to be coming to current-gen consoles, the game was officially announced only days later. As such, we could see an add date for these three classics before the week is out. Still, as one user reminded everyone, “One game being released following approval doesn't mean all will.”

Featured Image Credit: Disney Interactive/Activision, Sony

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