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PlayStation Plus user pays over £1,300 to stay subscribed till 2050 in attempt to save money

PlayStation Plus user pays over £1,300 to stay subscribed till 2050 in attempt to save money

A PlayStation Plus user has come up with an... interesting approach

A PlayStation Plus subscriber from Turkey has come up with a fairly interesting approach to save money on their membership... by spending over £1,000 to remain a member until at least 2050.

2023 hasn't been the most consistent year for PlayStation Plus subscribers. While there have been some excellent free games, iconic trilogies and stunning PS5 exclusives, there have also been some missteps that have left subscribers threatening to abandon the service.

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At least one PlayStation Plus subscriber out there clearly believes sticking with the service for the next several decades is a good investment, however. As spotted on the PlayStation subreddit, it appears a player based in Turkey has spent 460,000 Turkish Liras (a little over £1,300) to stay subscribed to PlayStation Plus until 2050.

This, it seems, is an attempt to avoid the inevitable price increases to come over the years and save money in the (very) long run.

I can certainly see a kind of logic behind it. Back in 2010 when the service launched, a three-month subscription cost £12. In 2023, PlayStation Plus Essential costs £20 for three months. I shudder to think where we'll be by 2050 if the price keeps moving in that direction.

Of course, as others have pointed out, we have no idea if PlayStation Plus - or, for that matter, PlayStation - will still be around in 27 years. Hell, if you want to get really deep about it; will any of us be around in 27 years? I certainly hope so, but who really knows what the future holds.

Then again, maybe this gamer will be laughing at the rest of us in 2050 when we're all paying £20 a month for PS Plus and they're still on 2023 prices. Who's to say?

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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