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PlayStation Plus next batch of free games should be a big step up, fans hope

PlayStation Plus next batch of free games should be a big step up, fans hope

Fans are hoping for a better selection on PlayStation Plus games

PlayStation Plus subscribers have taken to Reddit to start guessing which free games will be announced next for the PlayStation service.

The most recent batch of games, which included Dragon Ball: The Breakers, Mafia 2 and Aliens: Fireteam Elite, was seen by many as a rather disappointing lineup. Now fans are voting for the games they want to see announced for December 2023.

Premium PlayStation Plus subscribers can now stream certain games from the cloud

For now, there are no leaks for what to expect in December but that doesn't stop fans from creating an ideal wishlist of games they want to see released for free. The choices range from small indie games that deserve a bigger platform, to AAA first-party exclusives that would make for a great Christmas gift to subscribers.

"This is the best time, when during a few days i think/hope that this month will be good." said u/Mission-Desk1907 who speaks for most when hoping that the next batch is a killer lineup.

Scanning through the replies there are a lot of votes for Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered, which could make sense given we've just see the sequel release to widespread acclaim. Another first-party exclusive getting mentions is God of War Ragnarok as this month marks one year since it was released, though that might be getting some hopes up too high.

There are a lot of users calling out for Hades to be included, which would bring the masterpiece roguelike to more players who may have missed it first time around. Sifu also gets a nod, which would bring the unique fighter to a wider audience who may have avoided it for its difficulty originally.

Among the other guesses and nominations are Crisis Core Reunion, Cuphead, 12 Minutes, Forspoken, GTAV and Tunic. All of which would be great additions for subscribers.

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