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PlayStation Plus latest free games are a huge reward for 'patient gamers'

PlayStation Plus latest free games are a huge reward for 'patient gamers'

Holding out is often rewarding in this gaming generation

Patience is a virtue, so it's always great to see it rewarded - especially when it comes to free games.

The recent generations of consoles and subscription services, such as PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass, are hugely rewarding for players who don't mind waiting to play some of the biggest games.

Whether you wait because you're short of funds, or perhaps it's because you have the patience of a saint, you could be playing some of the biggest games by simply holding out. Such is the case with the next batch of 'Essential' games for PlayStation Plus. Included for October are Callisto Protocol and Farming Simulator '22 and players are loving this selection.

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Over on Reddit, one person comments "Being a patient gamer has been consistently paying off." Some are excited because games such as Callisto Protocol was a bit of a mess at launch and has been patched many times, bringing it to a more playable and enjoyable state. Now we get to play it for free.

In fact, most are celebrating the space survival horror being included, "W for Callisto Protocol" says one Redditor, while another says "Callisto Protocol is a W, at least we get a horror game for the Halloween season."

Many speculate that those games that underperform at launch are then put in a queue for services like PlayStation Plus or Game Pass, "First Saints Row now Callisto Protocol, I'm seeing a pattern here" is one such comment, with the reply doubling down, "Balan Wonderland and Forspoken is in queue."

These services are a great way to try some games which didn't perhaps receive the glowing reviews they wanted, or may have been out of players' price range. After all, this is the generation that increased prices for games, too. This is echoed in one of Reddit's top comments saying "Used to it it 'cause poor. Now I do it 'cause... poor."

Paying a monthly subscription then running the gauntlet of your own patience more often than not comes up roses.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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