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PlayStation Plus free games January 2024 lineup is already looking bleak, fans fear

PlayStation Plus free games January 2024 lineup is already looking bleak, fans fear

PlayStation Plus fans have theorised which games might be leaving the service and January, and there could be some heavy losses.

PlayStation Plus has had somewhat of a rocky year. Midway through 2023, it was revealed that subscription costs would be rising, prompting outrage from fans.

Sony did add a couple of new perks to coincide with the rise. Namely, PlayStation Plus premium tier subscribers can now take advantage of cloud-streaming and enjoy a library of films on Sony Pictures Core. Many argued that this wasn’t enough though, particularly given the lacklustre monthly game line-ups. Extra and essential tiers also rose in price, despite receiving no extra perks. I personally thought Sony might remedy the issue by dropping a whopper like God of War Ragnarök but we’ve had several back to back underwhelming free line-ups. This month, essential tier subscribers can grab LEGO 2K Drive, Sable, and Powerwash Simulator.

Take a look at Sable in action below.

Personally, I don’t think this is a bad line-up at all. All three are hugely enjoyable games but I can still understand why fans are disgruntled. We all know by now that it’s those AAA familiar IPs that are the real PlayStation Plus crowd-pleasers. We should receive the next extra and premium tier drop next week but fans are already theorising about what January might bring - and they’re prepping for the worst.

Perhaps I should say ‘what January might take away’, seeing as fans have worked out which titles they think are departing the service. We usually see 10 to 15 titles depart a month, and Reddit user kayrakaanonline has done some nifty detective work about what might be next. Back 4 Blood could be leaving as WB Games titles typically have 18-month exclusivity windows.

They further theorised that Devil May Cry V: Special Edition may be at risk considering Capcom doesn’t particularly dedicate much attention to subscription services. Saints Row IV: Reloaded could depart as other titles in the franchise have departed after one year, plus Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is also suspected to have an expiring 18-month window.

None of these catalogue changes are confirmed but the logic is there and it’s always better to be safe than sorry so if you were planning on diving into any of the aforementioned titles, you may want to do so now.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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