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PlayStation Plus free horror described as cross between Resident Evil and Silent Hill

PlayStation Plus free horror described as cross between Resident Evil and Silent Hill

Have the best of both worlds while exploring a completely new one

Scratching the horror itch isn’t easy to do. Sure, there are plenty of so-good-it’s-bad indie horror games out there, but when you need something with substance, it can be difficult to find. Enter the PlayStation Plus title that has gamers praising the scares, with the game described as a cross between Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

Perhaps you’ve already guessed what game we’re talking about, but in case you want confirmation, we are, of course, talking about The Evil Within 2. The 2017 survival horror gets slept on a lot, which isn’t just uncomfortable for it, but it’s also a darn shame because it’s a pretty solid horror experience.

Get a taste of the horrors to come with the Evil Within 2 gameplay trailer!

“I can't believe how underrated and seemingly unpraised this game is when discussing top survival horror titles,” says the adoring PS fan behind a Reddit thread on the game. “I'm a giant RE, Silent Hill, and Dead Space fan and this is the game I didn't know I needed. I know I'm sort of fanboying a bit right now, but dude why did I wait so long for this?”

They also say that the Bethesda horror is like if “RE4 and the Silent Hill series has a baby”, which is a chilling idea considering those franchises are beloved for the spine-tingling scares they surprise and horrify players with.

Other gamers were quick to offer their insights, with some complaining that they didn’t try the sequel because the first game wasn’t for them – they just “couldn’t get into” it. But, as with every passionate fandom, there was someone on hand to explain the error of their ways.

“That’s the genius in the franchise, number 2! I was like you and just couldn’t get into the first, even though I played and beat 1 I really didn’t care for it and had to force myself to finish it,” they continued, “but the second, oh man, they stepped it up big time, I didn’t understand what open world survival horror even would be like but now I do lol and it is amazing.”

Considering how PS Plus has been leaving fans underwhelmed, it’s fantastic to hear that there are still gems to be found. If you want to scare yourself witless, you can play Evil Within 2 on your PS5, for free, so long as you’re subscribed to PS Plus.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom, Konami

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