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PlayStation Plus free games for November may have leaked, and they're PS3 bangers

PlayStation Plus free games for November may have leaked, and they're PS3 bangers

PlayStation fans think Hotline Miami and its sequel are heading to PlayStation Plus after trophy listings for the PS3 classics surfaced.

Two fan-favourite PlayStation 3 games could soon be landing on PlayStation 5, according to a leaked trophy list, leading many to assume that they could be the next PlayStation Plus premium tier additions.

It’s been a rocky ol’ couple of months for PlayStation Plus. For quite some time now, subscribers have been threatening to cancel their subscriptions, citing price rises and underwhelming game additions. It does appear as if the situation may slowly be turning around though. Premium tier users now have access to a library of over 100 films via Sony Pictures Core, plus the essential tier’s inclusion of The Callisto Protocol this month has been well received by many. The first half of this month’s extra and premium tier line-up has also leaked, garnering a warm reception. We may already have an idea of what November’s line-up consists of after listings of Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2 leaked online.

Take a look at The Callisto Protocol in action below.

As reported by GameRant, PS3 bangers Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number could be coming to PS5 soon after trophy lists for both games surfaced online. While we could see these games simply be made available to purchase on the PlayStation Store, there’s no denying that Sony could do with stepping up its PlayStation Plus premium tier additions. These two titles couldn’t be anymore perfect.

The trophy lists were spotted on achievement tracking website Exophase, with fans seemingly soon able to earn those coveted platinum trophies for both games. It should be noted that the PS5 versions of these games were listed separately to the originals, hinting towards the fact that new editions are on the way.

Perhaps we’ll learn the truth even sooner. I said they could be a part of November’s PS Plus line-up but we’re actually due to find out October’s extra and premium tier offerings tomorrow. Could Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2 be on the list? I’ll be crossing my fingers.

Featured Image Credit: Devolver Digital, Sony

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