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PlayStation Plus free PS1 game accidentally revealed early

PlayStation Plus free PS1 game accidentally revealed early

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PlayStation Plus subscribers can look forward to another classic PS1 game very soon, according to a leak from... PlayStation. Oops.

One thing all PlayStation Plus subscribers can agree on is that the Premium tier of the service isn't delivering nearly enough PS1 titles. The inclusion of various classic games was definitely billed as a highlight of the Premium tier, but it's severely underdelivered so far.

The good news is one of PlayStation Plus Premium games for April has leaked, and it's an absolute banger.

As reported by True Trophies, trophy data has been uncovered on the backend of the PlayStation Store for what appears to be the original PS1 version of MediEvil.

The original MediEvil launched way back in 1998, and was an absolute blast. It combine a fun sense of humour with some (very light) horror elements and hack-and-slash chaos. It might not be remembered as one of the best PS1 games of all time, but it has a very special place in the hearts of fans everywhere.

The beloved action-adventure game got a ground-up remake in 2019 (which is available via PlayStation Plus Extra), but this new data suggests the OG version is joining the PlayStation Plus free games lineup. Great news if you really want that classic experience, though I would say the remake is largely very accurate. It just looks a lot better.

We'll find out for sure whether MediEvil is joining the library of classic games soon enough. For now, PlayStation Plus subscribers can get the latest batch of free games via the Essential tier. Those are, in case you've forgotten, Immortals Of Aveum, Minecraft: Legends and Skul: The Hero Slayer. Not a bad selection at all.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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