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PlayStation Plus new free download 'not worth the time', users say

PlayStation Plus new free download 'not worth the time', users say

Players are saying 'don't bother'

Some harsh criticisms are being levelled at this PlayStation Plus free download with players saying “Not worth the time it takes to press the button to commence the download.”

This comes from a Redditor who isn’t alone in expressing themselves when it comes to this recent title that currently has a three-hour demo available.

Rocksteady seemed to miss the target with this one

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was a flop for Rocksteady who tried to create a DC Comics live service title that probably should have been a standard action game.

It’s no secret that the game didn’t do well and that people simply aren’t playing the game. I recently downloaded it myself and promptly uninstalled it after only an hour because it felt uninspired and samey.

“Played this at launch and it’s mediocre at best,” says another Redditor in reply to a post of someone giving the trial a spin.

Gamers were already turned off by the idea of a linear action game being a live-service title as it looked like a cash grab that was simply hopping onto the latest trend.

“Surely won't be long before it goes free to play,” says one reply, while another expressed confusion over why the game has a trial in the first place, “This is a game that shouldn’t do a trial. Most are going to say “nah I’m good” after playing it.”

Many believe that the game will find itself on PlayStation Plus soon as a way to try and recoup some faith from players, but some think the damage is already done, “It will be dead and servers are going to be shut off within the year.”

Whatever the fate of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, it’s a clear lesson to publishers and developers that not every title needs to have a neverending lifespan, and finite games are still great.

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