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PlayStation Plus bonus free download available now for subscribers

PlayStation Plus bonus free download available now for subscribers

PlayStation Plus and Stars members can claim this free download right now

One of the most recent games included in the PlayStation Plus library is the 4v4 multiplayer game from Square Enix, Foamstars and you can claim this easy peasy free collectable right now.

There’s no denying that Foamstars is heavily inspired by Nintendo’s popular multiplayer shooter, the Splatoon series, the most recent of which was Splatoon 3 released on Nintendo Switch in 2022. Whether Foamstars can enjoy the same level of success as its inspiration remains to be seen.

Check out the Foamstars trailer below!

“Introducing Foamstars, the new 4v4 online party shooter for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, reads the description of the game. “Use foam to build terrain, creating slippery surfaces to surf around the arena at high speed, help defend from enemy attacks, or create vantage points to take out opponents.”

PlayStation gamers may have heard of Sony’s rewards scheme, PlayStation Stars. In a nutshell, this rewards users of the PlayStation mobile app with reward points that can be redeemed against store credit or select video games as well as digital collectables.

Unfortunately, despite having a total of 12 Trophies to acquire, Foamstars does not have an elusive Platinum Trophy for whatever reason, which will surely disappoint Trophy hunters. Thankfully, however, PlayStation Stars members can still earn a digital trophy of sorts.

“It’s time to let the foam fly! Grand some friends and help us celebrate the launch of Foamstars by earning all the trophies below to get a fun Digital Collectible", states the description of the ‘Foamstars party time’ PS Stars campaign. By completing this quest you will be rewarded with a Heroic ‘SOA’ collectable.

To acquire this collectable, you must first complete three in-game Foamstars quests, and they are as follows:

  • Earn the “Smash the Star” Trophy: Win in Smash the Star (Private and Ranked parties excluded).
  • Earn the “Rubber Duck Party” Trophy: Win in Rubber Duck Party (Private and Ranked parties excluded).
  • Earn the “Happy Bath Survival Trophy: Win in Happy Bath Survival (Private and Ranked parties excluded).

Foamstars is out now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. What’s more, it’s also included in the PlayStation Plus Essential selections for February 2024.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment/Square Enix

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