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PlayStation announces 13 more PS Plus free games for May

PlayStation announces 13 more PS Plus free games for May

Let's check out the rest of May's exciting catalogue

Today is the day once again! The day where PlayStation announces which titles will be heading to PS Plus to join the extra and premium tier catalogues alongside its current May lineup.

With an impressive 13 titles to choose from, there is bound to be something for everyone and as previously mentioned, these will be added alongside May’s current PS Plus essential tier lineup: EA Sports FC 24 Standard Edition, Ghostrunner 2, Tunic and Destiny 2: Lightfall. These are some epic titles you don't want to miss out on.

However, let’s get onto the most important part. Which other titles will be joining these fantastic additions this month?

Speaking of Tunic, check it out below!

First up and perhaps the most exciting is Red Dead Redemption 2. For those who never got around to picking up the Rockstar classic, now is the perfect time to do so. This arrives alongside Deceive Inc. (PS5), The Sims 4 City Living (PS4), Crime Boss: Rockay City (PS5), The Settlers: New Allies (PS4), Stranded: Alien Dawn (PS4, PS5), Cat Quest (PS4), Cat Quest II (PS4), The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame (PS4), and Watch Dogs (PS4).

Some highlights here are definitely the Cat Quest duology as well as Watch Dogs so don’t miss out on them. Also available is a rare The Sims 4 expansion pack and as those can get pretty expensive, this is the perfect time to add some new content into your base games.

As always, you can also check out some free classic titles too and this month makes way for 2Xtreme (PS4, PS5), G-Police (PS4, PS5) and Worms Pinball (PS4, PS5).

All of these titles are available for PlayStation Plus Extra and/or Premium members. Additionally, it is worth remembering that Horizon Zero Dawn will leave the library this month so make sure to grab it if you haven’t already.

Which title will you be grabbing first?

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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