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PlayStation gamers only just realising they've been sat on free store credit for months

PlayStation gamers only just realising they've been sat on free store credit for months

Get the most out of PlayStation Stars

The price of gaming as a hobby is something I’ve spoken about before.

The bottom line is that gaming is not cheap.

A new console will set you back several hundred pounds - and the cost of major AAA releases keeps rising with the launch of each subsequent console generation.

Then add console accessories and subscription service fees into the mix and you’ve got quite a hefty bill.

That’s why, here at GAMINGbible, we’re all for putting a spotlight on ways that you can save money.

If you’re a PlayStation user, PlayStation Stars is a service you’re going to want to make use of.

Users can earn free store credit and even free games - and yes, plenty of us know about PlayStation Stars but it’s been brought to my attention that it’s not the case for all PlayStation owners.

“Wait? You can get credit towards games?” wrote Reddit user Xiegfried16

Allow me to fill you in, my friend.

ICYMI: Astro Bot launches on PlayStation 5 on 6 September. Take a look at the trailer below.

PlayStation Stars is totally free to sign up to.

Those who do will earn points for all PlayStation Store purchases and yes, that includes the cost of your PlayStation Plus subscription.

To give you an idea of how quickly you can accrue points, my extra tier membership recently added 1,000 points.

You need 1,250 to nab £5 of free store credit.

You can also earn bonus points for completing easy campaigns which typically task you with playing (launching is enough) a certain title, many of which are included within PlayStation Plus’ various catalogues.

When you’ve reached 1,250 points, you can exchange those for £5 of credit - or you can exchange 5,000 points for £20 of credit.

Alternatively, you can use those points to nab expansions, DLC, and full-length games.

Rise of the Ronin is currently available for 17,500 points, Stardew Valley for 3,750, or 375 HellDivers II Super Credits for 1,250, just to name a few examples.

If you’re currently met with an error message on PlayStation Stars, worry not. Sony has confirmed that points will still be added and tracked during this outage period.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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