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PlayStation free store credit available now, but this is your last chance

PlayStation free store credit available now, but this is your last chance

You'll need to act fast

This is yet another public service announcement for all PlayStation users. Do ensure that you’re making the most of PlayStation Stars.

If you’re not already signed up, it’s completely free to do so.

You’ll earn points for all purchases made on the PlayStation Store - and yes, that includes the cost of PlayStation Plus memberships - as well as via taking part in easy-to-complete campaigns.

You can then exchange those points for free store credit or even entire games.

To give you an idea of how quickly you can accrue points, the renewal of my extra tier PlayStation Plus membership recently added on 1,000 points. I only need 1,250 to get £5 of free store credit.

You may be sitting there screaming ‘PlayStation Stars is down’, and you’d be correct to point that out.

If you attempt to visit the platform at the moment via the PlayStation app, you’ll be met with an error message.

During this time though, you can still earn your points. This has been confirmed by Sony customer service agents.

There’s also a hidden way you can check your balance.

Visit the PlayStation app, press privacy and scroll down to where it says ‘Access your personal information’.

Follow up by hitting ‘Data access request’ and you will be sent an email with a URL. Open this up and your PlayStation Stars points history will be listed here.

ICYMI: Astro Bot is set to launch this September.

With that assurance that can still earn points out the way, I want to fill you in on the latest campaign.

Today is the last day you can dive into a select few multiplayer titles in order to earn 50 points.

“It’s time to get social. Grab some friends or jump into a match with strangers to scratch your multiplayer itch and get a Points boost,” reads the campaign.

Those games are Monster Hunter Rise, WWE 2K24, Tekken 8, and Sea of Thieves.

There’s no set time on how long you need to play each game so simply load up any of the available options and you’re good to go.

But remember, you only have today to act.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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