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PlayStation 5 gamers have less than 24 hours to grab free store credit

PlayStation 5 gamers have less than 24 hours to grab free store credit

Be quick or be disappointed – your choice

PlayStation fans have a very limited window of time to grab some free store credit; if you’re eager for a freebie, now is the time to act.

As part of the PlayStation Stars Campaign this May, users have multiple opportunities to get either store credit or a digital collectible.

Your prize varies depending on the campaign you take on. But that’s all part of the fun.

This particular campaign is a simple one: “Play in any PlayStation Tournament to compete against your fellow gamers to test your mettle, win prizes, and score more Points.”

However, there’s a catch.

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Not only do you have until the 24 May, aka tomorrow, but not all players can join in. As the description for the campaign states, “Unfortunately, this one is only available for PS5 players.”

Those on a PS4 can technically join in still, however, you won't receive any free credit for your trouble.

Assuming you’re a-okay to play, the instructions read, “All you have to do is register for a PS5 Tournament via any eligible game's tournament page (it's in the PS5 Game Hub on the main menu) and then play a round. Do so and those points are yours!”

Like we said earlier, this is a super simple task to tick off your to-do list.

You’ll walk away with 50 points to your name, and a sense of accomplishment no amount of money can buy. You decide whether that’s worthwhile or not.

Should you not be able to partake in the merriment, or you’re just not interested, there are plenty of other ways to gain PS bonuses this month.

And if you just want to play a beloved game with no strings attached, one of PS Plus’ free downloads is “one of the greatest video games” made.

See? There’s something for everyone this May.

Just remember, if you want those aforementioned points, you have less than 24 hours to get them!

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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