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PlayStation slowly rolling out your free store credit opportunities for July

PlayStation slowly rolling out your free store credit opportunities for July

Stars has made a return

With Sony’s loyalty programme going offline in early June without any warning, members were concerned about the free store credit they had earned over recent years.

However, thanks to a recent update, we now know that PlayStation Stars is finally making a return after being down for over a month and with it will be the chance to earn more free store credit.

PlayStation Plus members can download Borderlands 3 for free this month!

When the PlayStation Stars programme went offline in early June, it took Sony a week to even acknowledge it and even now, we are unsure exactly what the issue was.

However, it is coming back and according to Sony it will be returning in “phased regional rollouts”.

The announcement ended with Sony saying: "Thank you for your patience and we look forward to welcoming you back."

At the time of writing this story, PlayStation Stars is now available again in Asia, although it appears as though Western countries will be getting it a bit later.

Nevertheless, it seems as though subscribers of the free loyalty programme are more concerned as to whether PlayStation will be offering any freebies with its apology. However, if there are set to be some, they have not been announced as of yet.

This is especially surprising considering PS Stars went down over the period of Sony’s annual Days of Play event which could have seen a lot of free store credit earned during this time. However, it seems as though the company has prioritised getting the programme up and running again over any possible compensation.

Until we receive any news of that, PlayStation have recently dropped a free RPG you can download right now without a PlayStation Plus subscription and it will be the perfect title to get stuck into this weekend.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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