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PlayStation quietly rolling out new free downloads you can claim without PS Plus

PlayStation quietly rolling out new free downloads you can claim without PS Plus

Finally, PS Stars is coming back!

After being down for the best part of a month, Sony’s PlayStation Stars is making a triumphant return.

PlayStation Stars is Sony’s free rewards scheme that credits players with points that can be redeemed on select free video games, store credit to spend on the PlayStation Store or digital collectables to proudly display on your PS mobile app. To earn points, players must complete easy campaigns that mostly involve playing the latest PS Plus inclusions, earning in-game trophies or simply buying games and DLC via the PlayStation Store.

Check out the PlayStation Stars trailer below!

However, pretty much since the start of June, PlayStation Stars has been down and was at the worst time during Sony’s big Days of Play promotion which only brought loads of discounts on games, DLC, consoles and more, but there were also special PS Stars campaigns that were based on the big promotion.

At this point, despite Sony acknowledging that PS Stars had been down (which took weeks to acknowledge by the way), gamers are left in the dark as to why it's been dead for so long. Thankfully, however, PS Stars has recently started to go back online rolling out in various regions across the world.

If you click on the PS Stars logo on the app or via the dedicated website, you will now be greeted with the message, “PlayStation Stars will be returning soon in phased regional rollouts. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to welcoming you back.”

Sony hasn't provided any dates as to when PlayStation Stars will return in the West but there have been reports that it’s now back in some regions of Asia. So hopefully with a bit of luck, we won't be too far behind because we want to earn more of those glorious reward points.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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