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PlayStation officially drops huge free download, no PS Plus needed

PlayStation officially drops huge free download, no PS Plus needed

Anyone who's even thinking about sleeping on this free download is foolish. There, we said it.

A huge freebie just landed, one that few – if any of us – will want to miss. The beauty of this free download is you don’t need to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber to enjoy it. Sometimes, luck smiles on us, and today is that day.

Most likely, the PlayStation store is about to nearly be set on fire by the sheer volume of gamers attempting to get this free download; understandably so. It’s big news, the biggest, even.

If you’re not educated on the finer, more JRPG aspects of the community, will undoubtedly be scratching their heads right now, confused about all this hype surrounding a single freebie. Well, allow us to illuminate the situation: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo has landed.

We only reported a couple of days ago that Square Enix might give us the gift of a demo, seeing as it’s on form for them to do so with new Final Fantasy titles, and we’re happy to see we’ve not been disappointed.

Gamers calmly, oh so calmly, rushed to the store the moment the news came, most likely after they watched the Final Fantasy special State of Play. The showcase alone, which has been hailed as a “10/10” experience has succeeded in making everyone, not just returning fans, thrilled about being able to finally get to grips with the new FFVII game.

The day we get to play Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in full gets ever closer

“I AM SUPPOSED TO PREPARE A MEETING FOR TOMORROW DON'T DO THIS TO ME,” screamed one player as they faced the prospects of letting down their entire team. Meetings come and go, though, a new Final Fantasy instalment is a special moment that needs to be treasured.

As already stated earlier, no subscription or strings are attached to this free download – you simply visit the store, begin the download, and watch as you lose yourself to one of the biggest releases of 2024 thus far. We’ve only just finished Persona 3 Reload, we were hoping for a breather between games…

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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