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PlayStation gamers urged to claim free store credit they're owed following Sony error

PlayStation gamers urged to claim free store credit they're owed following Sony error

Don't let those points go to waste

If you’re a PlayStation user, you should definitely make sure that you’re making the most out of PlayStation Stars.

This free service allows users to accrue points which can, eventually, be exchanged for store credit or even free games.

Simply sign up and then you’ll gain those points via purchases made on the PlayStation Store or through completing campaigns which typically task you with playing particular titles.

I’d like to point out that the cost of your PlayStation Plus subscription does indeed count as a store purchase.

An extra tier membership can therefore add 1,000 points, almost taking you to the 1,250 you need in order to get £5 of store credit.

This all sounds very straightforward.

The problem is, PlayStation Stars has been down for around a week now, meaning users cannot gain access to the service’s campaigns nor their points history.

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With that in mind, it’s practically impossible to track whether points are being effectively added when store purchases are made or whether they’ve been put on hold during his outage period.

Those who visit PlayStation Stars will be met with the message, “PlayStation Stars is currently experiencing issues. Our engineers are aware of the issue and are working on a solution.”

Reddit user Aleksis94 has shared an experience that, fair to say, echoes what many of us are thinking: “I have six games in my cart with 38€ total. I'm waiting until tomorrow [for] PS Stars to work, otherwise I'll make my purchases because the sales of those games are ending [on] 20/6 in two days! I hope to receive my points when Stars comes back.”

The points accrued from a 38€ purchase would equate to almost a third of what you need to claim free store credit. You don’t want to see those points go to waste.

Thankfully, it sounds as if there is a solution to this.

“I spoke with the support team about this issue a week ago. You should still receive all or your points and if you don't, you'll be able to contact the support team and they will resolve the issue granting you the points,” said IMasterCookie.

So there you have it. When PlayStation Stars does finally return to us, have a look at your points history to check that all purchases made during this outage have successfully been acknowledged.

If they haven’t, just drop a message to PlayStation’s support team who can manually add them on.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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