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PlayStation 5 is getting a sequel we've been begging for, says insider

PlayStation 5 is getting a sequel we've been begging for, says insider

Sony could be scaling the games back

We don’t know a great deal about the 2024 landscape for PlayStation 5. The console has, so far, been packed with first-party titles that keep smacking the ball out of the park. Sony has, over the past couple of years, released several large-scale titles to critical acclaim and love from the fans. But this year could see a return to smaller titles, ones that can still impress.

PlayStation’s interim boss has stated that there will be no “major” franchise titles out before next April, but this doesn’t mean the company won’t focus on some of their smaller franchises that need a little love, and rumour has it that this means a return for the lovable Astro Bot who we last saw in Astro’s Playroom.

Astro has become a mascot of sorts for the PlayStation 5

According to industry insider, Jeff Grubb, we could see a new Astro Bot title released in 2024, and this would certainly fit the remit of a smaller title seeing some time in the sun. Grubb has previously stated, “I do keep hearing that there will be some smaller first party games, like that Astro Bot game that is supposedly still happening this year.”

Of course, this isn’t solid news and should be viewed as a rumour. There’s also no indication as to whether this would be a standalone title or another PSVR outing. Rumours of a new Astro Bot game have been swirling for a while and were bolstered by the news that Team Asobi, developers of the franchise, were spared during recent closures of Japan Studios.

We can only hope that more news comes soon, perhaps over the sumer season of events, which will point to more games coming at the end of the year. If this rumour does indeed turn out to be true, it would make a lot of fans very happy as Astro Bot is a well-loved 3D platformer that deserves every success.

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