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PlayStation 5 has a stupidly useful hidden setting you never knew about

PlayStation 5 has a stupidly useful hidden setting you never knew about

At least we know now

If only we’d known about this PlayStation 5 setting before now, we’d have been spared from all the pain we’ve had to endure.

We’ve all suffered from spoilers appearing to ruin our day; you can’t move on social media without bumping into a spoiler. The same can be said when you’re gaming with friends.

A screenshot from a scene you’ve yet to watch will show up and essentially ruin the surprise twist for you, leaving you questioning if you picked your friends wisely.

It's time to finally play Shadow of the Erdtree

Turns out, though, you can avoid experiencing this betrayal by utilising a feature Sony should really advertise more.

Did you know that there’s a spoiler warning setting hidden away inside your PlayStation?

We checked it out on our PS5 because we feared it a nothing more than a hopeful myth, but there it was; this glorious setting hidden in plain sight... mocking us.

If you go into the game settings of your console, you’ll see ‘spoiler warning’ in the menu of options; from there, it’s a simple case of toggling it on.

However, in doing so, two options open up to you: one that takes its cues from the developers of the game to determine what is and isn’t a spoiler, and another that hides everything you’ve not yet seen.

The latter is the safer option to select if you want to be extra cautious.

While we appreciate it being such a simple setting to turn on/off, we’re annoyed we didn’t realise this sooner and avoid all those nasty spoilers on our feed.

There is a slight catch to all of this, though, in that it’ll only work with PS5 titles. If you favour playing retro games, we’re sad to say you won’t be able to avoid spoilers.

It’s the nature of the beast, sadly. Still, it’s incredibly handy knowing such a useful feature is available should we wish to use it.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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