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PlayStation 5 has a hidden feature that you almost certainly missed

PlayStation 5 has a hidden feature that you almost certainly missed

Secret browsing

The PlayStation 5 is a powerhouse console with so many features it’s pretty easy to miss something that may make your life easier. While most of us know about the mute button, the ability to clear out the storage, or delete screenshots and videos, there’s one more feature you likely missed.

This feature isn’t a fully developed piece of software, but it is usable and can be handy for some players. The hidden web browser, a feature that has appeared on many consoles, isn’t one you’d go to over your PC or phone, but if you want to use it, read on.

The PlayStation 5 is a great console bursting with features

If you need a web browser on your PS5, which I’ll be honest, is unlikely when we’re surrounded by technology for web browsing, this is how to access it. All you need to do is send a web address to one of your PSN friends. From here, you can click the link and access the browser. It’s not a simple task, but it’s there. Perhaps one day Sony will flesh it out a little.

If you’re new to the console, there are lots of lovely little features to make for an all-round experience. For example, if you aren’t aware, the mute button that you can find on the Dual Sense controller will mute the entire system, including any attached microphones. Perfect for when that sneeze creeps up while calling out to your teammates.

You’ll also find that whenever you unlock a trophy your system will capture that moment. However, they don’t automatically delete, so the captures can take up a lot of space on that SSD. To turn this off, simply go to Captures and Broadcasts in your settings and uncheck the options for trophy screenshots and trophy videos, which will keep that SSD empty and speedy.

Featured Image Credit: SONY

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