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PlayStation 5 upcoming free RPG is equal parts God of War and Elden Ring

PlayStation 5 upcoming free RPG is equal parts God of War and Elden Ring

A new action game is on the horizon

Keeping an eye on upcoming PlayStation games can be a bit of a mission, but when they look as good as Ballad of Antara, it’s much easier.

Combining the kind of gameplay we see from the likes of God of War and the hardcore action of Elden Ring, this new IP from Tipsworks Studio is set to be a stunner.

Ballad of Antara is definitely one to watch for PlayStation 5.

What’s more, this new action-adventure will be free to play when it releases, though at this time, no date has been set.

Tipsworks Studio has mentioned in a recent blog on the PlayStation website that they plan to host a beta before the game goes live for all, which will give you a taste of the world they’re creating.

Each player will control an Emissary who wields power in various forms through multiple classes available.

This option completely changes the gameplay and ensures that players feel that their experience is unique to them.

The lands are devastated and it’s up to us to figure out the truth behind the mysteries and save the world. Just another day for us gamers, eh?

The core experience is the single-player story that takes in gorgeous scenery, action-packed moments, and a story with depth that will keep you coming back for more.

On top of this, a multiplayer mode means you can team up with three friends and explore intricately crafted dungeons together.

The reveal trailer showcases what we can expect from Ballad of Antara and leaves us guessing by the end.

The fights are frenetic and slick, matching the visuals which look simply gorgeous on PS5 hardware. The game is already gathering a lot of fans from its first glimpse and many are eagerly wishlisting it.

Hopefully, we’ll get more information soon, possibly with a date for that beta which is sure to pull in players to test out the action.

Featured Image Credit: InFold Pte. Ltd.

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