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PlayStation 5 gamers surprised with free download they've been begging for

PlayStation 5 gamers surprised with free download they've been begging for

Dive into one of 2024's best-reviewed games now

It’s no secret that Stellar Blade’s launch was marred by debates over virtual breasts, but computer-generated boobs aside, it garnered very positive reviews from critics.

Over on review aggregate website Metacritic, Stellar Blade boasts a score of 81, with an even higher user score of 9.2.

That doesn’t quite earn it the ‘Must-Play’ accolade but it’s by no means a bad result, especially given how difficult it is to launch a brand new IP in today’s sequel, remake, and reboot heavy market.

In our own review, GAMINGbible’s Richard Lee Breslin awarded the game a score of nine, writing, “Aside from all of the potentially-polarising outfits, this is an epic action adventure from start to finish that kept me engaged and wanting to come back for more. It doesn't do a great deal to reinvent the wheel but it doesn't need to.”

“This gorgeous and fun game knows exactly what it is. Stellar Blade is an absolute blast and I’ve not had this much fun in the genre since Devil May Cry 5. If for whatever reason Stellar Blade flew under your radar, it needs to be added to your 2024 to-play list right now,” he continued.

If you’re yet to dive into Stellar Blade and you happen to be a subscriber to PlayStation Plus’ premium tier, you’re in luck.

Take a look at Stellar Blade in action below.

A brand new Game Trial for Stellar Blade has been added to PlayStation Plus premium, granting subscribers two-hours worth of access to the game.

As with all PlayStation Plus trials, your progress will carry over, should you choose to purchase the full release.

I would like to point out that there is already a free trial available for Stellar Blade available on the PlayStation Store which can be accessed by anyone, no subscription needed.

It’s much shorter in length but it still lasts for around an hour, giving you a great taste of what’s on offer.

Reddit user ZappaWaits has pointed out that you can actually combine the two, saying, “Play the demo first (progress carries over) then the trial and you’ll get about three to four hours in total.”

Well, well, well, that is indeed a clever little tip - one that I recommend taking advantage of.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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