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PlayStation 5 finally getting custom themes after years of us nagging

PlayStation 5 finally getting custom themes after years of us nagging

It looks as if the PlayStation 5 is set to finally get custom themes after years of us nagging.

With PlayStation 5 users having called out for custom themes since the console was first launched back in 2020, it seems as though Sony is listening with plans to roll out an update in upcoming months.

Yesterday saw YouTuber Mystic give us our first look at a supposed PlayStation 5 firmware update currently in its beta stage. The major update will not only introduce brand-new widgets which show battery/controller life, friend’s activity and console storage but it will also finally see a custom background option.

Check out the PlayStation Portal Remote Player below!

In the video posted by Mystic, we get to see how the PlayStation 5 Explore tab has changed courtesy of the reported upcoming update with the content creator showing us an overall walkthrough. This includes the ability to customise your widget layout based on three different presets.

The first preset titled ‘Solo and Focused’ allows you to see your own activity first which includes trophies, console and headset battery, console storage and game captures. The second ‘Team Player’ preset shows your friend’s status and activity, whereas the third ‘Top Suggestions’ option seems to be randomised including games on offer, ads and general PlayStation news.

Most excitingly, however, is the ability to now add a custom background. With fans calling out for this for years, it is a welcome change. However, you will only be able to add a custom image to the Explore page and it will not override the whole PlayStation UI. You will be able to choose between presets from PlayStation or select your own from your capture gallery.

Unfortunately, it appears as though you will not be able to add photos from a USB drive and Sony has only released minimal dynamic backgrounds. However, we can assume more will be added in the future.

This new PlayStation 5 update is currently only available in beta for some U.S. residents. However, we could see it rolled out worldwide in upcoming months.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony

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