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PlayStation 4 unreleased exclusive has just surfaced online after 6 years

PlayStation 4 unreleased exclusive has just surfaced online after 6 years

No going to lie, we'd forgotten about this

After pretty much radio silence for the last six years, we thought this intended PlayStation 4 exclusive was dead and buried. But apparently not.

First revealed to us at E3 2018, Project Awakening soon fell into obscurity as people simply assumed it had been canned.

It was initially meant to launch on the PlayStation 4, then the updates ceased.

Project Awakening is built upon the principles of freedom, consequence, and mastery within a living universe,” reads the game’s website.

One game we haven't had to wait a ridiculously long time for is Stellar Blade

“Enter the dark expanse of space where civilisation has decayed in the ruin of its own ambition. Explore a hostile cosmos as you fight to survive against what remains and attempt to rebuild a broken world.”

It sounds intriguing and promising; however, we have questions. Mainly, whether this game is now going to shift to a PS5 release instead.

Launching on PS4 now would be a poor decision, even more so given the fact that the PS5 is in its “latter stage” of its life cycle.

Launching a game on an even older console would likely spell the end of said game – and this one is barely holding on as it is.

Why are we hearing about this title now after all this time? Quite simply, Gematsu noticed Project Awakening listed in the developer’s recent financial report; it’s now described as a “console” experience, with no mention of which console or when.

Despite this new information, gamers aren’t sure it’ll ever launch.

“Whether they say it’s still in development and whether it'll actually come out are two different things,” explains one doubtful Twitter user. “I think it’s safest to assume it’s cancelled at this point, and to be pleasantly surprised if it ever surfaces again.”

Releasing on PS5 feels like a done deal, especially with the next playtest scheduled for 21 May. But as for what will happen to those PS4 launch plans, we’ll have to wonder a little longer yet...

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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