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Overheating PlayStation 5 opened up and good lord I wish I hadn't looked inside

Overheating PlayStation 5 opened up and good lord I wish I hadn't looked inside

This PlayStation 5 console has been neglected big time

Whether it’s an overheating PC or console, looking after your technology is always of the utmost importance. After all, none of us will want to fork out hundreds of pounds to replace our systems due to negligence.

Thankfully, looking after your tech, especially with the PlayStation 5 has never been easier. It’s certainly something that Sony has improved in terms of access when compared to the PlayStation 4. At least every few months, I make a habit of taking off my PS5’s plates to give it a nice spring clean and after seeing the topic of today’s story, I’m glad more than ever that I keep up with my console maintenance.

Check out the PS5 cleaning guide from Venom below!

All you need to do to clean the inside of your PS5 is pop off the cover, gently use a vacuum nozzle and gently get rid of all the dust that has built up, including what has congested the fan. Even just getting a brush to sweep the corners will work wonders to get rid of the dust and will help prevent your console from overheating.

There are loads of very helpful tutorial videos on YouTube and it should take no more than five to 10 minutes to give your PS5 a good clean. Of course, making sure that your console is in a well-ventilated area works wonders too.

Honestly, just looking at the photo of the neglected PlayStation 5 console shared in this Reddit thread sends my OCD tendencies into overdrive. I mean, just take a look at it! It genuinely makes me sad and anxious.

“My son’s PS5 kept overheating. They wanted 400 Canadian dollars for out-of-warranty repair. I took it apart and found this clogging the air vents,” said Redditor BigCoreyD, tormenting those who joined the thread.

“This is what everyone needs to clean. The Power Supply Unit gets clogged,” replied JahIthBur. “I had issues a while ago with mine shutting down randomly. I opened it up all the way, lo and behold the vents for the PSU were clogged,” said marioex497 with both Reddit users reflecting much of what the thread had to say.

The poster of the thread says that they have two dogs in the house, which suggests this may have contributed to the console overheating. However, if the PS5 was cleaned out every one to three months, it’s unlikely that such a build-up would happen - and this is coming from someone who has two wandering pets in my house. By doing so, you’ll drastically reduce the chances of your console being damaged and of course, being smacked with a huge repair bill or having to buy a replacement unit.

If there’s a lesson to be learned today, it’s to look after your technology.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment, Disney

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