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Horizon Forbidden West follow-up appears online ahead of official reveal

Horizon Forbidden West follow-up appears online ahead of official reveal

We could be returning to Aloy's world sooner than we thought

Gather around, Horizon fans. I have some welcomed yet unexpected news.

It’s been just over a year since Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores expansion landed - a must-play addition if you’re yet to dive in.

In my review, I scored the DLC a respectable nine out of 10, writing, “This isn’t simply ‘more of the same’. It’s a true elevation of everything that made Forbidden West great, against a backdrop of the franchise’s best storytelling to date. If Horizon 3 is anything like Burning Shores, we’re in for a real treat - and yet we know that Guerrilla continue to step up their game with each new release. If Burning Shores has taken the franchise to soaring new heights, I cannot wait for the next instalment in Aloy’s journey to take us to the stars and beyond.”

Aloy’s journey is seemingly set up to conclude in a third and final chapter.

That conclusionary chapter is going to look very different following on from the untimely passing of Lance Reddick, presumably heavily reducing Sylens’ role in the story.

With Burning Shores offering up a new companion in the form of love interest Sekya though, I have no doubt that Aloy will continue to be surrounded by a delightful range of allies.

While I’m sure Guerrilla is beavering away on the series’ rumoured third and final entry, that doesn’t appear to be the next Horizon instalment to land.

According to insiders, LEGO Horizon Adventures is primed and ready for an imminent reveal.

Take a look at the stellar Burning Shores DLC in action below.

Yes, you heard me. It looks as if we’ll soon be facing off against machines in brick form as Guerrilla and Sony have collaborated with LEGO on an upcoming game.

As reported by Insider Gaming, this is titled LEGO Horizon Adventures as far as we know, with trademark finder Kurakasis previously having found filings seemingly proving the existance project.

As for what the game will entail, we’re not exactly sure. It could be a LEGO recreation of Horizon Zero Dawn but it could simply be something wholly new set within the Horizon universe.

I’d be surprised if it ventured fully down the sandbox route though, simply because of how similar that would make the game to LEGO Fortnite.

A source told Insider Gaming that the game is “Horizon Forbidden West but LEGO” adding that it boasted “realistic graphics”, a pretty strange description to decipher.

The good news is that a trailer for the game was reportedly finalised last month so it stands to reason that it could be unveiled either at Summer Game Fest or Sony’s rumoured upcoming PlayStation Showcase.

Either way, it sounds like a winning formula to me. The wholesome and relaxing nature of a LEGO team paired with Horizon’s rich world and lore? Yes please.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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