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Halo could be arriving on PlayStation after all, as Microsoft begins remaster project

Halo could be arriving on PlayStation after all, as Microsoft begins remaster project

Wait, so it is coming to PlayStation...?

As Microsoft purportedly begins to work on a Halo: Combat Evolved remaster, rumours that the franchise will once again arrive on PlayStation have started.

This isn’t the first time speculation has claimed Halo will come to PlayStation; back in March, it was suggested that Halo may be getting ported to PlayStation.

Since then, such rumours have lingered, but the zeal that once led them had quietened down. Until now, that is.

Let's throw it back to the Halo season two trailer

In a report by The Verge, it’s suggested that Halo is one of the leading titles being considered for a Sony release.

Warren comments, “There’s an ongoing project to bring more games to rival consoles like the PS5 and Nintendo Switch.”

It’s a move that’s dividing fans yet again.

Should Halo: Combat Evolved be the intended project to see this plan come to fruition, the Xbox Games Showcase is the ideal platform to announce as much.

Having launched in 2001, this sci-fi adventure is one that’s stayed in the fandom’s hearts and minds.

Although Steam’s Anniversary Edition has “mostly positive” reviews, the game’s visuals are dated.

By remastering this experience, Microsoft can kill two birds with one stone: please veteran fans and attract new ones.

With games reportedly due to move to PlayStation and Nintendo that’ll “surprise Xbox fans”, it’s more than likely it won’t just be Halo fans left reeling come an official announcement.

Hi-Fi Rush has already proven an enormous hit on PlayStation for being such “a blast”; perhaps similar results will be seen, and felt, if Halo does finally travel to PlayStation.

Microsoft is undergoing a metamorphosis currently, one which will change the Xbox brand as we know it. Halo could be another title leading the way in that innovation, or it could prove to be another wishful rumour.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft Game Studios

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