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Ghost Of Tsushima 2 teased ahead of official reveal by insider

Ghost Of Tsushima 2 teased ahead of official reveal by insider

Is Ghost of Tsushima 2 Sony's worst-kept secret?

According to Geoff Keighley, this Friday’s Summer Game Fest won’t feature a ‘one more thing’ reveal.

You’ll have seen this kind of unveiling before. Just as you think the event is going to draw to a close, the host teases ‘one more thing’, dropping what is oftentimes the most exciting reveal of the night.

This Friday’s event is said to mainly be focused on already-announced titles, although I have no doubt that Keighley still will have saved something good till last.

We did get a ‘one more thing’ surprise at last week’s State of Play though in the form of Astro Bot.

The upcoming PS5 platformer completely stole the show which, admittedly, wasn’t all that hard to do.

Still, it got the reception a ‘one more thing’ reveal should do. It’s perhaps not the surprise reveal we expected though.

Ghost of Tsushima 2 is certainly starting to feel like PlayStation’s worst kept secret.

Take a look at the brand new trailer for Astro Bot below.

Several Sucker Punch job listings have alluded to a Ghost of Tsushima sequel in recent years and then, of course, there’s that mysterious ‘Live From PS5’ marketing campaign that debuted last year.

It featured an array of announced PS5 exclusives, the only exceptions being Uncharted-esque footage and what appeared to be a snippet of Ghost of Tsushima 2.

Well, Sony may still be trying to keep this sequel’s existence a secret but leakers are making that a hard task.

As reported by ComicBook, Daniel Richtman (also known as DanielRPK) is the latest to chime in, saying that he “can confirm a Ghost of Tsushima sequel is in the works.”

Richtman provides absolutely no follow-up evidence so I implore you to take this information with a pinch of salt.

That being said, he does have a solid track record and a Ghost of Tsushima sequel is widely considered to be extremely likely.

Could we see the sequel pop up during Summer Game Fest? It’s not totally out of the realm of possibility but I’d say it’s far more likely that it’ll be unveiled during a PlayStation event later this year.

For now, we sit tight and see what Friday brings.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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