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Ghost of Tsushima 2 be damned, we're getting the next best thing

Ghost of Tsushima 2 be damned, we're getting the next best thing

We said what we said

We’re sorry Sucker Punch Productions, but we’re all about a different adventure at the moment.

Although we adore the beauty, folklore, and story of Ghost of Tsushima, a sequel can wait when we’ve got titles like Where Winds Meet on the way.

Many exciting announcements were made during PlayStation’s State of Play, but we’d argue that Where Winds Meet was one of the most promising.

If you’ve yet to watch the trailer for the game, go ahead and rectify your mistake right now.

Check out the Where Winds Meet trailer below

For those who’ve been following the title’s development, seeing it confirmed for PS5 has been joyous news indeed.

“Oh, I was waiting for this game to get announced on PS5 and it finally did,” said @Heaven_Angel52. “I can't wait, day one buy for me.”

Another YouTube user praised the game for being the full package, saying, “Never seen such a great trailer [...] The imagination, creativity, graphics all are spellbinding.”

Oh, we wholeheartedly agree.

Not everyone is convinced, though. Some would-be players are concerned about the difficulty levels of the open world RPG, specifically if it’s “Soulslike” in any way.

“Looks really cool, I just hope it's not another Soulslike game,” remarked Twitter user @Darnell_z11.

As someone who easily rages at games, I understand where they’re coming from. However, an RPG such as Where Winds Meet needs to be challenging.

And besides, they made reference to one of the greatest films ever made – that must count for something! Even if it is too hard, the devs deserve brownie points for their cinematic tastes.

“Man, they literally put in cutscenes from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Consider me sold,” said another gamer. They've misused the word “literally”, but we get the excitement they’re trying to convey completely.

When the game launches, no one can say. The PS5 trailer simply said, “in development”, meaning we would be waiting for yet another new game. Let’s hope it’s worth it in the end.

Featured Image Credit: Everstone Studio

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