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Bloodborne is officially back on PlayStation 5, but fans aren't thrilled

Bloodborne is officially back on PlayStation 5, but fans aren't thrilled

It's clowning time again

As a Taylor Swift fan, I’m pretty good at picking up on hints and Easter eggs.

Then again, we’re also a bunch known for putting on our clown make-up from time to time.

It’s hard to face the truth but it’s a similar experience being a Bloodborne fan.

Just when we think that Sony is ready to bring our beloved back, so again does ‘Entry of the Gladiators’ begin playing, exposing us all for the clowns we are.

You may have heard that a follow-up to Astro’s Playroom is on the way, titled Astro Bot.

The platformer promises to be a celebration of all things PlayStation and like its predecessor, will feature nods to a wide array of Sony franchises.

When it comes to Bloodborne though, Astro Bot has taken things one step further.

Alongside the Bloodborne Easter egg you’ll be able to locate in the game, as seen in the trailer, those who pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition will be able to nab a nice Bloodborne bonus freebie.

It’s this freebie that’s left us desperately screeching to the sky “What does it mean?”

Take a look at Astro Bot in action below.

If you choose to pre-order Astro Bot’s Digital Deluxe Edition, you’ll nab three outfits, two Dual Speeder colours, the game’s official soundtrack, access to a digital art gallery, and 12 PSN avatars.

It’s those outfits I want to focus on today. PaRappa Lovestruck, Yharnam Hunter, and Golden are the three skins included.

Yes, Yharnum Hunter, you heard me correctly.

It’s nice to know that Sony hasn’t altogether forgotten that Bloodborne exists but why do they keep doing this to us?

It’s pretty obvious by this stage that we will read into everything - and I mean everything. That’s how badly we’re looking for confirmation that a new-gen remaster is on the way.

It’s all we have left to cling onto.

While it’s hard to say whether we’ll ever get a new entry in the Bloodborne franchise, I can tell you that you can dive into Astro Bot on 6 September.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

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