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Bloodborne Enhanced is everything we've been waiting for PlayStation to deliver

Bloodborne Enhanced is everything we've been waiting for PlayStation to deliver

Bloodborne fans rejoice!

Bloodborne is still often considered one of the best games by Fromsoftware, rivalled only by Elden Ring. This gothic action game captured the hearts of all who played it.

For years we’ve been holding out hope that we’d get a sequel or, at least, a remastered version, but that has not been the case.

Elden Ring will be receiving it's first and only DLC 21 June

So, it’s down to modders to bring us an ‘enhanced’ edition of the game. This brings us to Bloodborne Enhanced, a rework of the original game that adds new functionality and features fans have wanted for years.

Chief among these new features is the boss rematch option that allows you to battle against the bosses you’ve already vanquished by approaching new lamps within the game world. Perfect for trying out new character builds.

Speaking of lamps, you can now rest at these which will de-agro the enemies and you’ll reawaken as soon as the lamp menu closes. This will respawn enemies, but it will restock your healing items as well.

The lamps themselves offer more options than ever, including access to the chalice ritual dungeons, quick access to the shop, and the ability to change your character’s appearance.

You could consider this mod a complete overhaul of the game and its systems offering a new experience for those who are new to the game or have completed it countless times.

One very interesting addition is the auto-refill of blood vials and bullets which takes away the need to farm or grind for these items. It will surely speed up the playing process, but hardcore fans may want to switch off this option to keep the difficulty of the original game.

Until Fromsoft and Sony put their heads together, this is the best version of Bloodborne for the modern era of gaming.

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware

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