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Anthem goes on sale for $1, oof

Anthem goes on sale for $1, oof

I mean, this is just embarrassing for Bioware

When we say this is awkward, it isn’t just a bit or a lie, this really is awkward; Anthem is on sale for a staggering $1. Now, as much as the game failed to live up to expectations, that feels cruel.

Obviously, it isn’t bad news for gamers who want to see if the Bioware game is as bad as the reviews say – for a single dollar, what have you got to lose? But for the devs who lovingly made the game, who held high hopes for it, this is going to sting.

Make sure to watch the Anthem trailer to see if it can tempt you

The gamer who discovered this, and shared it on Reddit, felt it was their duty to let others know. “Just felt like I should tell people about this, I mean one dollar....bad reviews and from what I read a poor endgame aside, how could I not add the Iron Man simulator to my library? I don't care about the storyline, I just wanna tear stuff up haha,” said the OP.

It begs the question: do we need a mesmerising story to enjoy a game? I’m all for epic RPGs like Baldur’s Gate 3, but sometimes it’s fun to let lose without any consequences or significant impact. Technically, Anthem promises a more RPG-style experience, but nowhere near the level that the devs reached with Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

Arguably, some believe this is why the game did so poorly, because we expect so much from Bioware. “Imo if it wasn't made by Bioware the reviews would have been a lot higher,” suggested a fan. “There was a really good game there that could have been great with the right post-game support.”

I’ll let you decide where you sit on the spectrum of whether Anthem is a bad or decent game; for now, what matters is you can get it for next to nothing. A single dollar. Come on, the game is worth that.

There is a bit of a downside, though, and that’s that you need to have PS Plus or Xbox Game Pass to play the game. Sorry, them’s the brakes and I don’t make the rules. Still, I stand by my belief that it’s worth it for a dollar.

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