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Assassin's Creed mixes with Ghost of Tsushima in stunning 2024 RPG

Assassin's Creed mixes with Ghost of Tsushima in stunning 2024 RPG

Here comes another stunning RPG we can obsess over

Being able to choose how the narrative plays out is one of the most attractive features of RPGs; to command your characters’ destinies is a heady experience. However, not all RPGs are made equal, meaning sometimes our expectations are far greater than what’s delivered.

Luckily, that doesn’t sound like an issue we’ll face in PlayStation’s upcoming RPG that stunned gamers watching January’s State of Play. We’ve known that Rise of the Rōnin mixes together features adored by Assassin’s Creed and Ghost of Tsushima players, but anticipating what such a marrying together of universes would look like, compared to actually seeing it in action are two different experiences.

Be ready to take on your enemies in Rise of the Rōnin.

Fans of those franchises fell in love with the stunning RPG from the moment they laid eyes on it, but the more they see, the more they pine for its release. Now we’ve finally caught a glimpse of just how far your character can go, “traversing across Japan”, an unstoppable, honourable force to be reckoned with.

However, it’s the way we engage with characters that most has us intrigued about this PS title, with the devs promising us that we won’t be penalised for how we play our version of a Rōnin. “Who you choose to develop a relationship with impacts how the story unfolds,” Team Ninja’s director Fumihiko Yasuda explains. “However, there are no disadvantages to bonding with a character at the expense of another. Consider it even more variety for your next playthrough.”

We’re being given a lot of information that only continues to increase our hype levels, yet we suspect that Rise of the Rōnin won’t be able to beat the splendour and awe-inspiring story of Ghost of Tsushima, a game still considered the best looking PS5 release.

So many gamers are “looking forward” to this upcoming RPG, and fortunately for them, the countdown to release won’t be an arduous affair; launch is set for 22 March. Considering we’re now in February, that date will come round before we know it.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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