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PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S getting massive free RPG

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S getting massive free RPG

Something MASSIVE is coming

The freebies just keep on coming for new-gen consoles, this time with the news that both PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series are getting DC Universe Online.

Gematsu reported the announcement on 15 August, but you can see all the details for yourselves over at the DCUO website. Sandwiched in with a bunch of other announcements is the one about how lucky Xbox and PlayStation players are going to become “this holiday season”.

For Switch fans Batman: Arkham Trilogy is coming...!

But what does “holiday season” mean? Quite simply, it’ll launch sometime in December, though a specific date isn’t given.

According to Ted Stone the senior community manager, “the team is also working on gameplay and quality of life improvements to match. This initiative is a long-term endeavour that is already underway.”

It continues, “You will see some of these improvements launch over the next few months prior to release on the new consoles, some of them at launch, and some of them following over the course of next year. Stay tuned for a future update with more information.”

Of course, while both Xbox and PS players are sure to be excited, change can stir up a lot of emotions, especially when there’s the hint of a possibility that new servers may be involved. Luckily for you, DCUO assures its fans that everyone will “still be playing on the same servers, with your same characters and friends”. What is more, the purchases and any achievements you’ve gained along the way will be “seamlessly intact”.

We can’t guarantee you it’s as easy breezy as they say, so please don’t shoot the messenger if the transfer doesn’t go according to plan. From what we understand, and what DCUO have said, all you should need to do is login with your normal account details and voilà!

Between this, Baldur’s Gate 3, Starfield, and the onslaught of games that keep coming to PlayStation Plus (sorry, Xbox folks), the latter end of the year is going to be a busy one!

DCUO will come to PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series in December.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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