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PlayStation 5 system update adds one of Xbox's best features

PlayStation 5 system update adds one of Xbox's best features

Mark a smugness point for Xbox fans

PlayStation players can say what they like, but they’ve been missing out on some stellar features that Xbox has had for years. This isn’t being said so yet another round of which-console-is-better-but-no-one-really-cares can start up, this is just simply about relaying some helpful information to PS5 gamers who might have missed it.

So, what is this magical feature? It’s the ability to check for updates for all the titles in your games library. It’s not awe-inspiring by any stretch of the imagination, but it is one of Xbox’s best features, and one that’s designed to make life that little bit easier. Before now, you could only check for updates for the 10 recently played games vying for position on your home screen, a system which, to be frank, is useless if you have a massive backlog of games to play.

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If you’re someone who tends to remain offline when gaming, mainly because the idea of interacting with real people gives you the ick (it’s okay, I relate), then you also know how much it sucks to not get alerted about the latest updates.

With so many unfinished games currently being released, not only are we wasting our money, we’re also potentially missing out whenever a patch is available. Can you imagine playing Cyberpunk 2077 without its latest update? The game is classed as a solid experience now, but oh, back in the early days, it was a waking nightmare we’d all like to forget.

Now the PS5 has put an end to the dark days when Xbox loomed over it, I wonder if anyone will change their mind and cast a vote for the PS5 being the most legendary Sony console? It’s not, of course, because that mighty accolade goes to the one, the only, PlayStation 2. Still, while the PS5 is destined to remain mediocre when compared with some of its predecessors, at least it’s better than the redesigned PS5, which is giving gamers serious cause for concern.

Featured Image Credit: Sony and Microsoft

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