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The Witcher 3 just got new content we were never meant to see

The Witcher 3 just got new content we were never meant to see

It's a whole new world

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve played The Witcher 3, we’re positive you haven’t seen this content before.

We’ve seen Geralt taking down intimidating enemies, and we’ve seen him succumbing to Yen’s charms (who wouldn’t?), but we’ve never seen him involved with this.

Speaking of The Witcher 3 content, we adore Blood and Wine, what about you?

That’s because it was never meant to be seen. For whatever reasons, CD Projekt Red removed this Witcher content before launch.

Thankfully, Witcher fans have found a way of bringing this lost experience back, and now we’re just clinging on for dear life as we try to weather the rough seas ahead.

‘Boat Races’ is the NexusMods download you’ll want to install if you’re to demonstrate your skills as a sailor.

“The mod restores the original CDPR's idea of boat races,” the mod page explains. “They were planned during the development of the game but cut from the final version.”

Due to the release of REDkit, the modder, MerseyRockoff, was able to start restoring these once lost files and give the fans what they want: Geralt manning a ship and battling those waves (and other boats).

Although the audio of ‘Boat Races’ is only available in English, the text has been translated into nearly 20 other languages.

“THIS IS AWESOME!” reacted one player. “I always wanted to enjoy sailing with some more purpose in this game but alas there was only the Skellige sea looting.”

Well, now there isn’t. Provided you’re on PC and not consoles; “I feel sorry for console players,’ posted @stormlight6614.

Although we’ve had The Witcher 4’s main character teased, we’ve yet to see any mention of CDPR bringing back boat races in the new instalment to make up for past mistakes.

Even if boats end up only being a form of travel instead of a competitive past time, we’ll always have NexusMods’ ‘Boat Races’, and the memories we made along the way.

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red

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