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Starfield's first total conversion mod is a Star Wars RPG

Starfield's first total conversion mod is a Star Wars RPG

Is this the Starfield mod that you've been looking for?

It’s been nearly a month since the release of Starfield and it’s already proving to be one of the biggest games of the year.

According to Bethesda, Starfield has been over 20 years in the making, but now thanks to modern-day technology, the vision of Todd Howard and his team finally came to fruition and is one of the biggest games to release in recent years. Not only does it feature the largest city that Bethesda has ever created, but it also offers players over 1000 planets to discover in its 100+ star systems.

Check out our review of Starfield below.

One of the benefits of being a Bethesda game is that Starfield is mod-friendly, a benefit that the likes of the Fallout series and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have taken advantage of for many years. However, the first total conversion mod has arrived and it's inspired by the legendary Star Wars. Seriously, is there a game better suited for such a conversion mod than Starfield? Probably not.

The conversion mod in question is ‘Galactic Civil War’, and while it's still in its early stages of development, according to the description of the mod, “it replaces the models of the United Colonies police uniform with Stormtrooper armour.” The ‘Galactic Civil War’ mod is available to download now via Nexusmods. Take a look at it in action below.

In our review of Starfield, we said: “Bethesda has created a universe that, despite its vast scale, maintains interest and an impressive attention to detail throughout. The journey you embark on will dazzle you, and I have no doubt that players will be gripped for months, perhaps even years to come. Here is a playground where you can be whoever you want to be. I simply cannot stop thinking about Starfield and the wondrous secrets it still holds. Bethesda, I have one word: bravo.”

In related news, Starfield has just received a mod inspired by The Mandalorian, and players can earn nine million credits in an hour by using this exploit!

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X|S. It is also available via Xbox Game Pass at no extra cost for subscribers.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda, kboykboy via Nexusmods

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