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Starfield mod adds hardcore survival mode

Starfield mod adds hardcore survival mode

Guess stocking up on food isn't such a bad idea...

Starfield might be a game that’s parted fans like Moses and the Red Sea, but that doesn’t mean fun can’t still be found amongst the planets you explore. Even more so when modders get involved, helping to add further longevity to the game.

There’s an argument to be made that Bethesda wouldn’t be where it is today without modders. We’re not saying the publisher isn’t experienced in making games – the love for Skyrim, which currently has more players than Starfield, proves that – but a lot of work they don’t do is then continued by fans.

Soothe yourself with the sounds of Starfield while you try to stay alive by any means necessary!

Starvival - Immersive Survival Addon’ is the latest mod to catch the attention of players thanks to its hardcore survival criteria that demands you eat, drink, and rest like you would in real life. Oh yes, there’s no skipping meals without repercussions in this mod (not that we’d ever recommend doing that in the first place).

Upon installing the mod and firing up Starfield, you’ll be introduced to the “NEEDS mechanic”, which means that your “Starborn will develop needs for food, thirst and rest. Each NEED has several degrees of penalties: from the most moderately harmless to the critically serious.” If that sounds easy, we can assure you it’s not, as shown by the detailed list of responses provided by the modder.

“Sleeping restores fatigue (also read additional info below). Food only restores hunger. Drinks (except alcoholic) restore thirst, but in some cases also fatigue, including if it is any type of energy drink or coffee. Strong drinks worsen indicators of thirst and fatigue, but in some very rare cases they can also give a boost to fatigue too.” They continue, “The use of drugs also worsens indicators, but unlike alcoholic beverages, drugs reduce all three indicators of NEEDS. Items from each of the above categories are divided into gradations according to their impact on needs.”

Before long, you’ll wish you’d ran into a cosmic horror during your playthrough like another gamer did! This isn’t for the faint hearted, so if you prefer your playthroughs to be more vanilla, return to the safety of a modless game. Regardless of how you play though, with or without hardcore survival modes activated, Bethesda assures its fans that it's still invested in the game’s success. At least we don't have to worry about that kind of survival... yet.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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