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Stardew Valley just got a new feature we've wanted for years

Stardew Valley just got a new feature we've wanted for years

Cosy gamers are winning today

Stardew Valley is one of the greatest cosy games ever made, perhaps the greatest. Yet, it hasn’t always delivered the features we want.

One of the areas of the game that’s been lacking is pets; specifically, what they can do.

Despite the 1.6 update delivering a wider array of pet options, Stardew Valley fans still felt like more could be done.

‘Pet's Enhanced – A Pet Mechanic Overhaul’ is a NexusMods download that every animal lover will want to install immediately.

Want to teach your pet tricks? Done. Do you want to dress up your four-legged companion? All sorted. And lastly, do you long to feed your pet a little treat? Now you can.

Not returned to Stardew Valley yet? You really should

This “very cute” mod has won over the fandom, not just because of how adorable it is, but because the “tricks” your pets can do will prove helpful.

Both cat and dog owners can teach their pets to “hunt”, while dog owners have the exclusive “search” ability to take advantage of.

Whenever your loyal companion deserves a treat, you’ll now find a wide selection of tasty morsels to feed them.

It’s no word of a lie nor an exaggeration to say how much this PC mod has helped grieving pet owners, too.

“I am far from the only person who has put their sadly deceased animal friend into the game to hang out with virtually.” said onlyhereforpendor.

“Thanks to you, I can take my dog on a walk to the woods again. It means so much to me [...] Honestly, I could live without all my other mods but not this one...”

If that doesn’t warm your heart, nothing will.

Whether you download this free expansion to virtually share a moment with a now deceased pet, or simply because you want more interactivity, it matters not. The point is that your pets can now thrive.

Featured Image Credit: ConcernedApe, SunkenLace – NexusMods