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Star Wars: Republic Commando gets jaw-dropping Unreal Engine 5 remake

Star Wars: Republic Commando gets jaw-dropping Unreal Engine 5 remake

Oh, the nostalgia this is making me feel

We’re a few days on from Star Wars Day, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to be over.

This year’s event was a pretty jam-packed one. Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi landed on Disney Plus, plus upcoming series The Acolyte dropped a new trailer.

Fortnite celebrated the occasion with a major Star Wars crossover event, as did Fall Guys.

There was new merch and, perhaps best of all, The Phantom Menace returned to cinemas to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Another iconic bit of Star Wars media will soon be celebrating a major anniversary: Star Wars: Republic Commando.

Originally released in 2005, this LucasArts gem will celebrate its 20th birthday next year. Naturally, we’d love to see an official remake but no such thing has yet been announced.

You can always rely on fans to get the job done though. One dedicated developer has set about faithfully remaking the game in Unreal Engine 5 and the results are very impressive.

The Acolyte will have a two episode premiere on Disney Plus on 4 June. Take a look at the show in action below.

As reported by DSOGaming, the project is the work of YouTuber Oleksandr Maziura who’s spent over a year and a half recreating the game’s introduction using both Blender and Unreal Engine 5.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if the creator is set to expand the remake much further given the time it’s taken to create just the intro.

We cannot complain though because the intro is such a gift. Take a look at the incredible project below.

How stellar does that look? The short demo looks as if it’s been made by a AAA studio, let alone a solo developer.

“It was a blast to work on, and I sincerely appreciate all your kindness, support and feedback,” wrote Oleksandr.

While he may be done with his work on Republic Commando, Oleksandr has teased an “even bigger” project not based on Star Wars that’s in the pipeline.

We’re not ready to move on from Republic Commando just yet though. This stunning project gives us a realistic idea at what a full remake could look like and based on what we see, it’s a need, not a want.

“I got goosebumps,” one viewer said. Me too buddy, me too.

Featured Image Credit: Oleksandr Maziura via YouTube

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