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Skyrim and Minecraft collide in gorgeous new Unreal Engine 5 open world

Skyrim and Minecraft collide in gorgeous new Unreal Engine 5 open world

Upcoming open-world RPG Nightingale is perfect for fans of Skyrim and Minecraft.

If you’re a fan of RPGs like Skyrim and crafting games like Minecraft, then I have just the treat for you. I urge you to turn your attention towards the upcoming Nightingale which blends both of the aforementioned games in a concoction that could shape up to be one of 2024’s most exciting releases.

Nightingale is in development at Inflexion Games who will also publish the release. It’s expected to launch on 22 February 2024 as of right now but as we know, such dates are always subject to change in this industry. That’s the early access release, which is worth noting. For now, Nightingale is due a PC release only. Given the ambition of this game though, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were console launch plans later down the line. To begin with, you’ll be able to grab it on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Take a look at Nightingale in action below.

Nightingale can be played via single-player or you can team up with your friends in online co-op - and if you’re sitting there thinking, ‘Yes, but what is about?’ I’m getting there. Nightingale sees you stranded in a brand new world, left abandoned by the collapse of an arcane portal. You’ll soon find yourself in a fae realm, fighting for your life against a series of foes. It’s up to you to become a skilled Realmwalker if you want to survive and find the magical city of Nightingale - known as the “last bastion of humanity”.

Consider my curiosity piqued. Nightingale classifies itself as a PvE open-world survival crafting game. The further you venture into this realm, the better the resources you find. Alongside crafting upgrades, you’ll also be tasked with building small communities to provide refuge to other humans in this land. NPC workers will be able to assist you in expanding your empire.

It sounds like there’s a lot to be excited about in Nightingale and we’ll be keeping a close eye on the game’s upcoming release.

Featured Image Credit: Inflexion Games

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