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Silent Hill 3 gets Unreal Engine 5 makeover

Silent Hill 3 gets Unreal Engine 5 makeover

Silent Hill 3 gets Unreal Engine 5 makeover

Despite being over twenty-years old, Silent Hill 3 is still considered as one of the best horror games of all time. However, with no signs of a remake, fans are still desperate to dive back into the PlayStation 2 classic.

Silent Hill 3 is a 2003 survival horror game developed by Team Silent and is just one instalment in a very long-running and much-loved franchise. However, with the game over twenty-years old, it is safe to say that it is due for a bit of modernisation and with Konami seemingly not on board, it is up to the game’s dedicated fan base and modding community.

Check out one of the Silent Hill 2 trailers below!

Created by YouTube’s ‘Da_Drood – Digital Art’, fans can now check out Silent Hill 3’s Lakeside Amusement Park in Unreal Engine 5. As one of the most iconic locations in the game, bringing it to a modern age of gaming makes it even scarier and considering it was made in just four weeks, it is an impressive feat.

“This project took me four weeks to complete as I made every asset from scratch using the old 3D map as a reference, in order to create a modern replica of the setting as close as possible to the original,” wrote Da_Drood underneath the almost four-minute video showcasing the eerie yet familiar Silent Hill 3 setting.

By creating all of the 3D models in Blender and the textures by using Substance 3D Painter, it is clear how much of an improvement this Unreal Engine 5 version is to the original PlayStation 2 release. Unfortunately, this creation is not available to download and is just used for the creator’s portfolio. However, that has not stopped viewers being impressed.

“New fear: unlocked”, read one comment. Another said: “Wow, this is so horrible” which in this instance, is quite the compliment.

Featured Image Credit: Konami

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