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Pokémon fans agree new free game is what they've been begging for

Pokémon fans agree new free game is what they've been begging for

If you haven't already, go play Pokérogue

Do you wanna be the very best, like no one ever was? If your answer was yes, nice one. I admire your ambition.

If your answer was no then to you I say welcome to the club.

As it turns out, Pokémon fans are fed up with striving to be the very best. What The Pokémon Company has perhaps failed to understand is that some of us just enjoy being slightly above average.

That’s not possible in most Pokémon titles though with players tasked with beating their opponents one by one.

A Pokémon-esque new free release though has, for many, turned out to be a welcomed breath of fresh air, switching up Pokémon’s tried and tested format into something that’s a tad more varied.

You may have already heard us raving about Pokérogue. It’s a completely free in-browser roguelike game created by Pokémon fans.

You build a team and enter a string of randomly generated battles. At the end of each battle, you’ll acquire points which you can spend on buffs or items like potions and revives, and so on.

Being a roguelike, no two runs are alike so there’s always a new challenge to tackle.

Pokémon Legends Z-A is the next mainline instalment.

Of course, you’ll find new wild Pokémon along the way, changing the options you have when it comes to team loadout.

“This game helped me realise that I actually don’t want to be the very best,” one player wrote on Reddit.

“Becoming champion has been the endgame goal in every mainline game for the last 20 years. I’m tired of it. [...] This game lets me not only pick the starters from each generation, it lets me choose to start with any Pokemon I want.”

“Just focusing on battles, strategy, and growth without going through a pointless and very worn out version of the same story designed to get us to the same point we’ve gotten to for the last two decades. This game is exactly what I needed from Pokémon after so long. Thank you to the creators who have made this happen.”

Many shared that sentiment.

“I've always thought Pokémon would work so well as a roguelike, and games like this are realising my wants finally,” said one.

“ I replay a lot of the Pokémon games and I'm a big fan but Pokérogue is such a refreshing experience and is so much fun with all the possibilities to make your team as you desire,” commented another.

The dark cloud hanging over all of this is that Nintendo and The Pokémon Company could remove this game at any moment so do dive in while you can.

Featured Image Credit: Pokérogue Team, The Pokémon Company

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