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PC users can grab two free games for a limited time, yours to keep forever

PC users can grab two free games for a limited time, yours to keep forever

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Now’s your chance to grab two free PC games you can download and keep forever, though you haven’t got long.

This time the freebies aren’t being handed out by the Epic Games Store or Steam, instead it’s that has the honours.

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For a limited-time you can grab two free PC games to add to your library, and while they’re not the most exciting titles you can think of, they are still free.

The first is called Pine Creek: The Book of Judith, described as “a cosy-thriller adventure game focused on exploration, story, and following clues. Have friends, think about life, think about death, eat tasty food, and play games in the arcade!”

It’s apparently a “3D remake of the original Game Boy release” but now available on PC instead, complete with new features and a fresh coat of paint.

The second game is Larger Than Light, the official description of which reads, “Traverse shadows by manipulating light in this 2.5D puzzle platform game.”

Its story follows a haunted school which must be traversed by Skia the shadow and Lux the lightbulb, as they work together to clear paths to the exit.

Apparently, the pair don’t get on very well, so a big portion of the story involves them overcoming their differences and learning to work together.

Both games can be downloaded and played in their entirety for free right now, but there’s a good chance they won’t be free forever. That being said they’re pretty cheap when they’re full price so it’s really up to you if you grab them now or later.

They’re worth checking out though, especially Larger Than Light which looks like a fantastic little platformer.

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