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PC users can download Star Wars: Battlefront 2 for free now, yours to keep forever

PC users can download Star Wars: Battlefront 2 for free now, yours to keep forever

Don't miss out on this freebie

Gamers on PC can add classic Star Wars Battlefront 2 to their collection at no additional cost right now, but it won't last forever.

This is part of Amazon Prime Gaming’s latest offering, where subscribers can add a variety of titles to their PCs every month at no additional cost, a bit like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass.

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Aside from Star Wars Battlefront 2, subscribers will also be able to add Weird West Definitive Edition (EGS), Genesis Noir, Everdream Valley, Mythforce (EGS), Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread (GOG) and Projection: First Light to their libraries.

I can’t stress enough that the version of Star Wars Battlefront 2 on offer is the classic version, not the re-release that hyped fans up only to thoroughly disappoint them on launch day.

The best way I could describe it was a shot of espresso chased up with battery acid, as the wave of nostalgia as you booted up the game quickly dissipated when you realised what a sorry state it was in.

Fortunately a series of updates and patches have the game performing well, but judging from the player count, most of the damage has already been done, effectively killing the game.

While the classic version Amazon Prime Gaming is giving away won’t feature online multiplayer, the single player is still intact and worth replaying, plus you can still hop into online battles, you’ll just be fighting bots instead.

Don’t miss your chance to add Star Wars Battlefront 2 Classic to your PC library, as it won’t be on offer forever, plus it’s a great way of getting over that dreadful re-release.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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